Week 10

Lifestyle and Diet RealTime
Baby Development &
Upcoming Choices to make
Scans Assessment
You feel slow and tired. You want to snooze more frequently. This is normal. The pregnancy is slowing you down so you concentrate on baby.
You may need to get new bras as the breasts engorge.
Diet Supplements-pop up
If you are in certain risk group OR if the First trimester pregnancy risk assessment & scan is positive, your doctor will start you on aspirin.
Your baby has finished the most critical part of organ development. Organs and structures are in place and start to grow.

Upcoming Scans:

  1. Choices to make on options for
  2. Down syndrome scanning
  3. Pregnancy risk assessment
  4. Routine pregnancy assessment
  5. Link to Scans in Pregnancy
Early Pregnancy Scan
1. Locate
2. Twins?
3. Heart beat
4. Ovarian cysts?
Accurate date (The Due Date) can be confirmed here.
NIPT can be performed from the 10th week if opted.