Fetal Abnormality FAQ
with Dr Vijayan V, FetalExpert

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What Happens if a defect is found during my baby’s scan?

Any problems found during the detailed scan is an ‘ultrasound’ diagnosis of a structural problem. An ultrasound diagnosis is not the final diagnosis. It is merely a problem seen on ultrasound and only confined to the structure scanned. An ultrasound problem needs to be converted to a clinical diagnosis. This is for the Fetal Expert. Aseana will arrange for a fetal medicine consultant to see you to explain the following:

  • What is the anomaly discovered? Is there a name for the condition?
  • What it means for the baby?
  • Is further testing necessary?
  • If so, what tests are required?

This will be done via one of the 3 ways: video consultation, a visit to our HQ (The Curve) on the same day or an appointment will be given. This will be based on the scheduling on the day. Aseana recognizes the urgency of the matter and will try to get you the earliest possible slot.

Do I have to pay for all the rest?

  • If you qualify Aseana Guarantee – there are no further payments for the expert’s assessment and consultation. The terms would have been explained prior to the scan in pre-scan counseling.
  • Aseana Guarantee does not cover procedures and laboratory costs at the time of this writing. Please check from time to time. Aseana intends to broaden the cover to include procedures and laboratory costs and processes are in place for this. Enquire about this during your pre-scan counseling.

Do I need to see anyone else?

  • Yes, the first point of contact will be one of or a group of Aseana’s Fetal Experts who will try to explain to you the details found on ultrasound as in item 1 above.
  • If the problem involves an area where further scans or consults are necessary Aseana will arrange for you to see someone in the Aseana Expert Panel list – again at no extra cost to you. (Aseana Guarantee terms apply). The Fetal Expert will decide if the is necessary.
  • As an example: a spine problem is diagnosed on ultrasound. The FetalExpert now thinks this requires surgery after birth. You will be given the option to discuss this with the neurosurgeon on our panel either via online or direct consult.

Do I have to see Aseana’s Experts?

  • The short answer is no. You may see anyone you so desire.
  • Aseana Experts are spesifically here to guide you and give you as much information possible on the problem. Under Aseana Guarantee – you will have free access to our experts (terms and condition apply)
  • If you do not qualify for Aseana Guarantee there will be charges incurred. They are reasonable.

What if I want discuss with one of the Expert Panel anyway? - hide

  • If the FetalExpert does not recommend other panel reviews, you may opt for one yourself. Just mention this to the reception and it will be arranged.
  • It will be a paid service where you will be hooked up for online consult with consultant after payment is made.
  • You have to make this arrangement with reception. It will be on appointment basis.

Where will procedures for genetic testing such as amniocentesis be performed?

  • All procedures are performed by consultants at the HQ @ The Curve.
  • They are clinic procedures and there will be no problem returning to work after. However, we usually issue a 24 hours rest chit for you to rest and calm down after a stressful day.

Are procedures and testing compulsory?

  • They are not. It is a choice you will have to make. This is based on how much information you will need to satisfy yourself. Some information will be beneficial if the doctors caring for baby know about them prior to or just at birth. This will be highlighted by the consultant attending to you.
  • Not all ultrasound anomaly will need procedure and testing.
  • Testing allows to give added information on the clinical diagnosis made: such as if genetic problem also exists. Genetic problems may carry potential for functional problems like mental restrictions that are not able to be picked up by ultrasound.