Pregnancy Check Up Petaling Jaya

Ensure a healthy pregnancy with comprehensive check-up services in Petaling Jaya. Discover top healthcare providers and clinics offering prenatal care, maternal health assessments, and expert guidance. Schedule your pregnancy check-up in Petaling Jaya today to receive the best care for you and your baby's well-being.


3 scans for peace of mind:

Detailed Genetic Scan
• 11-13th week; includes instant Down syndrome risk calculation
Detailed Structural Scan
• 18-26th week: Aseana hallmark scan!!
Completion Scan
• 28th-32nd week: late onset anomalies and growth restriction screening.
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Pregnancy Check Up Petaling Jaya

Consultations with Experts

  • List of services
    • Full Pregnancy Risk Assessment and Counseling
    • Miscarriage assessment and prophylaxis/treatment
    • Preterm birth assessment and prophylaxis/treatment
    • Growth restricted baby assessment and prophylaxis/treatment
    • Fetal anomaly assessment and genetic testing
  • General rate RM 150 new and RM 80 repeat.
    • RM 300 – Complex 2nd opinions and detailed counseling on anomaly-testing-treatments-options
    • Not applicable if covered by Aseana Guarantee (link)
  • Online consult
    • RM 25 1st 10 minutes;
    • RM 30 per 10- minute thereafter – in development

*only available at HQ

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Test in pregnancy.

Laboratory tests are recommended if:

  • There is a problem
  • For screening of common conditions

All tests at Aseana is optional, even if they are advised by the consultants. The choice is yours. The benefits of doing the tests will be weighed against the risks of performing the tests. Footnote: Testing Only Available at HQ. Other centres will soon follow.

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  • Previous Miscarriage Assessment and prophylaxis/treatment
  • Previous Preterm Birth Assessment and prophylaxis/treatment
  • Pre-Pregnancy Check
  • Pre-Marital Check
  • New Couple Check
  • Routine Gynae Check
  • Full Pregnancy Risk Assessment and treatment Planning
Under ReviewCall HQ for more information