Aseana practices utmost hygiene protocols to ensure your safety when you walk in and receive services.

The risk of COVID infection is taken into account with clients walking in and out of scan rooms.

Ultrasound probes are known to transmit infections directly from one client to the next. Infections that have been linked include MRSA, HPV and some sexually transmitted infections.

Aseana Sanitization Protocol after each scan is as follows:

  1. Sanitizing UV Light for airborne and surface viruses – COVID deactivated within 6 seconds.
  2. There are no re-usable drapes / couch sheets @ Aseana. All couch paper sheets are disposed.
  3. Leg covers are also disposed.
  4. Scan operators are gloved.
  5. Scan equipment is sterilized with medical grade wipes.
  6. It is mandatory for all clients in Aseana centres to be masked at ALL times. It is mandatory for staff to be masked when attending to clients.

If you do not observe this being carried out after your scan – please contact HQ@ 03-76603919 to report this.

Every room is UV light sanitized after every use.

Clients are also encouraged to take certain responsibility for the safety of staff, other clients and the general public on their appointed day.

  1. If you develop any of the COVID symptoms listed in the mysejahtera app within 14 days of the appointed day, please stay home and call / whatsapp to postpone the appointment to at least 14 days later. Follow the SOP if you have COVID contact positive. Contact us if the appointment is date-spesific (1st trimester genetic scan).
  2. Update your mysejahtera app if you have any change in health status on the day of appointment and inform the clinic for a postponement, usually to 10 days later.
  3. Aseana limits the number of persons accompanying you to the scan session. Only 2 adults in total are allowed into the scan room. Children are allowed but we discourage this especially during the pandemic. All accompanying children must also be registered on the app and also be symptom free within 14 days of the appointment. This advisory may change after the pandemic is declared over.

All Aseana staff are currently fully vaccinated.