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Detailed scans performed by industry experts with
over 30 years of experience combined. If we
diagnose a problem, we will arrange an expert
rescan and consultation with no additional charges!

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Get expert advice for a prepared pregnancy!

It’s never too late to meet your little bundle of joy!
With aseana, not only do we provide detailed scans
but we also offer advice on the next steps for early

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We can’t wait to meet your baby!

Early detection is super important, which is why we cater our services from day 1 to your delivery day. Rest assured, with Aseana, we’ll hold your hand throughout your journey.

Services Offered

Early Pregnancy Scan

Detailed Structural Scan

Routine Growth & Wellbeing Scan

Aseana Expert Panel

Meet our panel of expert doctors!

Dr. Patrick Chia

Fetal Expert

Dr. Vijay Vela

Fetal Expert

Why Choose Us!

  • We care

    That’s right, at Aseana, we care about your pregnancy from the beginning until we meet your little bundle of joy.

  • Advice from the industry’s best!

    Not only do we help with the scanning, should we detect any issues, we will offer you a free consultation with our Fetal Expert for free.

  • Supervised by a group of experts who care about the outcome of your baby

    Scans performed by standards set with FASP-UK and ISUOG.- International standards now at your doorstep.

  • A hands on experience

    Hands on advice and care from not just our Senior Scan Expert, but also our Fetal Experts. Have a worry free pregnancy, book your appointment today!