Week 6

Changes Lifestyle and Diet RealTime
Baby Development &
Upcoming Choices to make
Pregnancy hormones will start to kick in. You may feel a combination of the following:
Breast tenderness
Appetite changes
You may be having morning sickness and spotting.
You feel slow and tired. You want to snooze more frequently. This is normal. The pregnancy is slowing you down so you concentrate on baby.
ClothesDiet Supplements-pop up
Your baby’s nose, mouth, and ears are beginning to take shape. Baby is less than 1cm long. Early Pregnancy Scan
1. Locate – 1-2% of pregnancies will implant outside the womb causing an ectopic pregnancy. This is potentially life threatening.
2. Twins: 1-2% of all pregnancies are twins.
3. Heart beat can be confirmed. 1 in 3 pregnancies will not progress.
4. Ovarian cysts: 1% of pregnancies have ovarian cysts.The Pregnancy can be located by routine abdominal scan.
Heart beat picked up by vaginal scan.