Consultation and Procedures

*only available at HQ

Maternal Fetal Medicine Subspecialty Consults

Stillbirth – Cause analysis and Preventive Plan
• Current pregnancy
• Past pregnancy
Miscarriage – Cause analysis and Preventive Plan
• Previous recurring miscarriage
• Any miscarriage @ 10 weeks or more

Preterm Birth – Cause analysis and Preventive Plan

Medical Disorder in Pregnancy – optimization of medicines and condition and care plan

Pre-Pregnancy Consult – identification of future pregnancy risks and prevention plan and optimization of mom and baby’s health. (excluding tests and scans)

Severe hypertension in past pregnancy – Cause analysis and Preventive Plan

Rare genetic diseases (RM200)

Fetal abnormality detected (RM 300)

Consults cost RM 150 unless indicated.

Maternal Fetal Medicine Subspecialty Procedure Fees

Amniocentesis -850
Chorionic Villous Sampling (CVS) – 850
In-Utero fetal blood transfusion – 1500
Amnioreduction – 1000
Fetal stenting – 2800

Lab test cost not included in prices listed.

General O&G Consults

Routine Pregnancy Check-up (*)
Abnormal uterine bleeding
Gynae scans and pap smear
Abnormal discharge
Sexually transmitted infection
Pre-marital check and counseling
3D Gynae scans – see scans
Contraception and family planning

Consults cost RM 150 unless indicated

Price inclusive of consult and lab cost for spesimen if any

General O&G Procedures

Office hysteroscopy – One-stop centre for evaluation of abnormal bleeding to exclude cancer.

RM 1500