All scans at Aseana are performed by ScanExperts accredited by Aseana Pregnancy Scans.

Aseana practises the 3-tier scan system. During each scan mechanisms are in place for a 2nd-Eye to review your scan. All ScanExperts participate in a regular quality assurance program to maintain scan skills up-to-standard. The unique Scan-QC program continuously processes image sets for secondary review by our panel of reviewers. 3 persons actually view scan sets for added quality in interpretation.

Aseana practises the Scan Break and ReScan policies.

Scan Break: if the baby is in a position making it difficult to assess, staff will advise a 30-45 minute break for a scan again to complete. Most scans are completed this way.

ReScan: If in spite of a Scan Break the scan cannot be completed a repeat appointment will be scheduled within 2 weeks at no extra costs. Aseana will thrive for a complete scan at all times. Be reassured.

Aseana conforms to standards in perinatal scans as set by the Fetal Anomaly Screening Program UK, the International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics & Gynaecology (ISUOG) and the Fetal Medicine Foundation UK.

The pricing is very reasonable making Aseana scans accessible to most if not all.
All scans @ Aseana comes with a comprehensive report.

Pregnancy Scans

Early Pregnancy ScanLocation of pregnancy
Confirm the number of babies
Confirm fetal heart activity
Confirm the Due Date.
Ectopic Pregnancy
Week 6 to Week 14

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1st Trimester Detailed Genetic scan & Risk Assessment (NT Scan)General Genetic Assessment
Down Syndrome Risk Calculation (instant)
Predicting High Risk Pregnancy
Risk for Stillbirth
Risk for Growth Restriction
Early abnormalities.
Week 11 to Week 13

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2nd Trimester Detailed Structural ScanAnalysis of structures of all systems.
Confirm gender.
Locate placenta.
Full measurements.
Growth Restriction Risk.
Week 18 to Week 26

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3rd Trimester Functional ScanRe-analysis of organs, baby size, and fluid amount.
Late onset anomalies.
Early growth restriction.
Week 28-32

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Doppler High Risk Scan-Biophysical study, cerebral and umbilical artery doppler studies.
-Prediction of wellbeing of the baby in high risk pregnancy.
-Prevention of stillbirth by early detection.
24 weeks onwards till delivery.

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Preterm Birth ScanLength of cervix
(internal scan)
Week 18 to Week 26

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Routine ScanFull set measurements.
Water level.
Confirm heartbeat.
Confirm baby’s movements.
Placenta location.
Week 14 to Week 36

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Presentation and Pre-Delivery ScanEngagement
Head down
Estimated weight
Week 37-Pre-Delivery

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Gender Reveal ScanConfirmation of genderWeek 18 onwards

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Family Bonding Scan1 hour block for you and family to get good images of the baby. Depends on the baby's position.Week 26 onwards

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All 3D images are FREE @ Aseana. Quality of 3D images depends on the baby’s position.

Aseana practices Scan Break and Rescan policies for optimal images of your baby at NO extra cost.

General Scans

Gynae ScansRoutine Annual Scan
Abnormal bleeding
Painful periods

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Breast ScanYearly Check Up
General Check

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3D-Gynae Scan (HQ Only)Cavity and Abnormaly Uterine Shape Assessment

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Thyroid scan

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