If we at Aseana detect an abnormality on ultrasound, our Fetal Experts in on our panel are at hand to explain the problem to you and give you professional advice on the following:

  1. what the problem is,
  2. what the possibilities are,  
  3. what does this mean for the baby
  4. is there treatment for the condition
  5. and if confirmatory tests are available and how they are done.
  6. some conditions require further assessment and explanation.

for example the baby may require an operation at birth on the spine or the heart. Aseana experts in out Expert Panel are at hand to give you even further assessment and explanation. All this comes at no extra cost.(terms and conditions apply)

Terms and conditions do apply.

  1. Only specific abnormalities listed as major malformations detectable during the 1st trimester and 2nd trimester detailed scans as per international convention (ISUOG and FASP UK) is covered. – This list can be referred at our centres.
  2. If you are referred by another doctor or if an abnormality is already suspected by your team, you will need a FetalExpert Level III scan.
  3. However, this is NOT covered under the “Aseana Guarantee”. It is best you declare this to our reception staff early on, so that the focus is on the suspected anomaly.
  4. The Aseana Guarantee does not cover detailed scans done under the 11th week and above the 26th week of pregnancy.
  5. Aseana Guarantee will not apply if you already have had a detailed scan done prior to your scan at Aseana.

Feel free to drop by one of our centres for detailed explanation.