Week 12

Changes Lifestyle and Diet RealTime
Baby Development &
Upcoming Choices to make
Scans Assessment
Hormones peaked
Most negative changes will soon wear off.
You feel slow and tired. You want to snooze more frequently. This is normal. The pregnancy is slowing you down so you concentrate on baby.
You may need to get new bras as the breasts engorge.
Diet Supplements-pop up
Your lil one’s teeny toes can wiggle, her brain is growing, and her kidneys are starting to produce urine. The movements now mimic a mature baby.

Lots of assessment to consider. Some more important than others. Everyone prioritizes differently.


  • Basic anomaly
  • Prediction of Down Syndrome
  • Risk Calculation
  • Calculation for High Risk
  • Pregnancy Check
  • Gender prediction with 90% accuracy
Pregnancy risk assessment

Choices to make on options for Down syndrome checking

Routine pregnancy assessment