Pregnancy Loss


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Losing a life and giving birth to a stillborn baby is probably one of the most difficult and emotional situation parents to be go through.

The grieving is as one has lost a loved one known for long.

The hurt is limitless.

The grieve cycle takes time – up to a year or even more.

Support and professional help will go a long way.

Gaining confidence helps one getting back on their feet.

Part of gaining confidence is knowing and understanding why and how it happened.

There are many causes linked to stillbirth.

Going into the details helps preventing future recurrences as if no analyses is performed the recurrence is 5 times higher in the subsequent pregnancy.

Preventive measures can advised.

A care plan should be devised – detecting all preventable pregnancy complications and then reducing the risks. Most come too late for help i.e. already pregnant. Best time for this is pre-pregnancy.

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