Pregnancy Loss

Preterm Birth

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Too Early.

Too Soon.

Too Late.


Prematurity affects 8% of all pregnancies. It is the most common cause of loss of life during pregnancy. Surviving little ones suffer many health deficiencies like chronic lung disease, visual deficits, hearing deficits and indeed mental deficiencies.

Once it occurs the chances increases in subsequent pregnancies. From 8% it rises to 15% in the next and 25% in the next so forth.

Preterm birth is multifactorial. A long list causative and links have been established: from silent infections to excessive weight gain and many more.

Many recurrences are preventable.

Most do not recur and being told that you are deficient and weak and can only carry pregnancies with treatment on the other hand can be demeaning and demoralizing.

Getting detailed assessment and input is vital.

Getting support is important as preterm birth is a scary situation for anyone and most feel helpless as they cannot do anything about it.

You can beat it!


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