Over the years, through the hard work and dedication of Aseana ScanExperts and Fetal Experts, many conditions have been diagnosed in babies. Some are treatable and lives are saved. Some are operable and many lives are saved. Some are recognized and the quality of lives of the babies are optimized, yet others are too complicated and only planning and preparation can be advised, along with other more complex care pathways.


Sana vitae – v2 

You tiny beings 

Afloat in ethereal serenity 

Wakeful in slumber 

Perfect but for some 

The tether a lifeline 

The eternal bind of mother 



We shone unto you 

A serenade o sound 

Unheard but seen 

Pitch perfect 

Inch perfect but for some 

An insight into life, into you 


We aspired to affect a difference 

Dared to take a stance 

The call of duty 

Saved we have failed we have 

The commune of exult and sorrow 

For to err is only us 


We stand wiser 

As you blessed us in return 

With insight into humility 

For so few bear witness 

So few fortunate to delve into the Beauty and Tragedy 

Of Life. 

We bow in gratitude 

Tiny little beings 

Blessed are we who have shone unto you 

– by Vijayan V, Fetal Medicine Consultant, 31-3-2021 

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